Story time: I was on tour at a thrift store, sifting through the everyday things I need to buy after the home fire, and this T-shirt was sitting there. Just, sitting there. My perfect size. A simple, beautiful, powerful message….Rise, Phoenix, Rise. So I’m making it the title of my tours coming up!

My November/December leg of “Rise, Phoenix, Rise” has me all over the country – Virginia, Washington DC, Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee. I hope you’ll join me!

Brand new album “Maybe Stars” released now! Get it on iTunes or get a signed copy here!

A live performance of “Sing Along” from Bobby’s new album Fox Eyes, Whale Heart – shot at the legendary Evening Muse! To see more videos, visit: http://www.bobbyjovalentine.com/video/ To support Bobby’s work, visit: http://www.bobbyjovalentine.com/shop/ To see a show, visit: http://www.bobbyjovalentine.com/shows