Bobby Jo Valentine’s Big, Big Love tour – a concert tour about the way we find, lose, and discover love – kicks off in Orange, CA on February 3rd, and continues throughout 2018! Discover show dates at http://www.bobbyjovalentine.com/shows

Brand new album “Maybe Stars” released now! Get it on iTunes, check it out on Spotify or get a signed copy including the lyrics here!

Brand New Music Video for Wild, Wild Heart:

A live performance of “Sing Along” from Bobby’s new album Fox Eyes, Whale Heart – shot at the legendary Evening Muse! To see more videos, visit: http://www.bobbyjovalentine.com/video/ To support Bobby’s work, visit: http://www.bobbyjovalentine.com/shop/ To see a show, visit: http://www.bobbyjovalentine.com/shows