House Concerts

Beyond stages and theatres, there is a small, intimate setting that is by far Bobby Jo Valentine’s favorite place to play, and for many listeners, it’s their favorite place to hear him!

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Here are just a few of the reviews from listeners in a house concert setting:

Robin, Seattle, WA

“Love you instantly!”
Mary, Portland, OR

“You are an amazing singer/songwriter! You will fly high my friend!”
Dawn Eyman, Tacoma, WA (Host)

“What a gift!”
Warren, Portland, OR

“You remind me of two of my favorite artists – Mason Jennings and Jack Johnson!”
Tony, Sacramento, CA

“Outstanding Performance”
Alex, San Jose, CA (Host)

“Male version of Colbie Calliat…and I love her!” –
Rachel, San Francisco, CA

Kathleen, La Honda, CA(Host)

“What a genius…thank you!”
Kim and Tom Vascik (Hosts)

“Bobby, amaaaaazing voice! Looking forward to more beautiful work!”
Peggy, Los Angeles (Host)

“Well, I think you’re fantastic.”
Ilona, Ventura, CA

“You sing with such a pure heart!”
Pat, Santa Barbara, CA

“You pour so much love and feeling into your songs…I feel moved and blessed tonight!”
Peter, San Rafael, CA

“Thanks for the magical experience!”
Helen, Portland, OR

“Great music, love your heart and presence! Keep being awesome!”
Sara, Monmouth, OR

If you have a house that you think would work great for an intimate, acoustic performance from Bobby, and you have a group of friends and family that would be interested in hearing one, please contact Bobby at for more information!